Here is my first installment of my art collaboration with k! Very exciting! A little nesting book, for me and for you.

As I posted earlier, the theme for our project together is “nesting.” I thought I had imagined all of the possible meanings and ideas it would bring up, but really not until I was actually creating did I realize what it means to me in this moment. Nesting for me has meant discovering and embracing this next/current phase of my life. For me, that is transitioning from a big period (living at Kripalu for a year) and moving back home to a place that is seeped with meaning of the past for me. It’s an incredibly sweet and comfortable landing spot, but one with tales of the past that don’t quite fit anymore. Those tales became apparent when I slowly began the unpacking, purging, and organizing phase of creating a new space for myself in my childhood room. Many trips down memory lane gave me new appreciation for where I have come from, and now in the space I am slowly nesting, where I am going. It feels exciting and nerve-wracking, and fun, and lonely, and cozy, and frustrating. And it’s all perfect.

For me, a person who cares about the space I live in–wanting it to be both organized but comfortable–aka not tooooo organized, more lived in, I first thought about space when imagining my own nest. Then, as I was creating my nest (both my literal nest, and this little book) I was reminded that it is not the things that the nest is built by, but the people it is built, nurtured, shared and enjoyed with that matters most. I must admit, I was feeling a bit lonely making my nest…dreaming of connection and intimacy as I sat in my rather cold nest alone. But upon finishing it, and now having had a day of breathing space from my nesting book, I realize that indeed it is perfect!  Just like the room that is full of everything. This little nest is like a little window into the transition for me–a wave of feelings, thoughts, images. It now lives in a tactile little object that I can keep neatly wrapped together, or open and explore.


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So thank you to k, for helping inspire this nest. And thank you to those who are part of nests past, present and future of mine. I am so grateful to share my nest with you!

all my cozy nesting love,



2 thoughts on “nest

  1. Just Beautiful……powerful, inspiring, evocative.
    It stirs me to ask questions about my own nest & nesting instict.
    I have recurring questions about what home means to me.
    So thaks for more spin, more inquiry
    Accompanied by beautiful words & images & textures

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