New Moon Intentions

With the start of a new moon cycle upon us and the fall equinox recently passed, I am reminded of the ever-recurring possibility for setting new intentions, beginning new routines, and turning a new leaf. Especially with the cold weather looming (though I hate to admit it to myself) I find fall a perfect time to set intentions for the coming months, hoping to instill a sense of positive routine going into the cooler months and motivating myself to stick with it as the weather turns frosty. For me, to articulate intentions to myself is one thing, but to share an intention even just in writing, is assurance that I am making a commitment to myself in this new phase.

So, in honor of the new moon, in honor of the fall equinox and in honor of the ever-present ability to say “begin again” here are a few intentions.

  • make ART at least once a week–this can be the smallest of drawing.
  • get my butt to morning yoga at least once a week
  • stick with my morning meditation
  • remember to give myself space for solitude
  • live, eat, and communicate consciously and with mindfulness
  • read everyday
  • delight in each day and each moment
  • remember that I can always say, “begin again.”
Here’s to fall and new beginnings and an openness to brand new possibilities that I can’t even imagine yet.


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